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Would you like to safely learn to ride and securely handle any tame horse?

We offer horse riding lessons at Blue Heavens.  

Green Rider Course 

Yes! We offer unique thrilling riding lessons, which are designed to teach (you) the learner maximum use of riding equipment, for total horse control. We make every rider well informed and individually trained. We teach from the mind set of the horse; horses are herd animals with a remarkable pecking order. That (pecking order) is based on the horse’s needs. Understanding that pecking order provides for human safety!

We will train you to handle any horse that can be handled in TEN HOURS. Those 10 hours are divided into 5 lessons of 2 hours each session. The physical curriculum is divided into eight objectives listed below; each lessons will teach you the hands on details of each objective. The total cost for the 10 hours Green Rider Course is $300.00; a performance test will be given at the end of the tenth (10) hour lesson. A Certificate will be awarded after passing the hands on performance test.


The students will learn many horsemanship skills, the following will be the standard for graduation.

The Student Will:

  • Be able to catch his/her horse inspect his/her horse for riding
  • Be able to meet small medical needs of their horse
  • Be able to properly saddle a horse for riding
  • Be able to properly mount and dismount
  • Be able to keep your horse under control while riding
  • Be able to properly unsaddle and put horse and equipment away
  • Be able to ride your horse in parade situation











$20 Trail Rides * 

*All Certificate holders will be able to come out and ride for $20.00 an hour at their desired times; Certificate riders or Blue Heavens CERTIFIED riders must always ride in groups of no less than two; this is for safety reasons. All certificate holders will be allowed to attend the wilderness trail rides monthly, join scheduled trail rides groups or ride with another certified rider at the rate of $20 per hour.