There are no stalls currently available, although we are presently building an indoor arena, with 10 stalls on each side (20 total) which are 10X16’ each. Stalls are steel framed with wood panels, include ceiling fans in the building, automatic insect repellent mist (for the summer), rubber mats, and shavings (alternate bedding is available for horses with allergies). Horses can be turned out on request. Each stall has its own water, feed, and hay bucket. Horses are fed 2 flakes of coastal hay, pellets and watered twice a day. 


Paddocks are approximately 100X60ft, with a three sided shelter and may contain up to three horses in each paddock. Horses have a 100 gallon water tank in each paddock, which is cleaned weekly. Feed includes free coastal hay and pellets twice a day.




Per Horse  



Additional Information and Fees

Worming and shots must stay current and a copy submitted to the office. Blue Heavens Ranch does have an on call veterinarian and farrier, which can be used at the boarders’ discretion. Upon request minor injuries can be treated for an additional fee.

Basic boarding services include twice daily feeding, inspection, turnout and stall cleaning.

Boarding fees do not cover the costs of additional nutritional supplements, exercise,

grooming, shoeing, minor vet care or winter blanketing.

A fee will be charged for pasture boarded horses who must be segregated at feeding time

to receive special feed or supplements.

Boarders may use the arenas, round pens, grass riding paddock, central field

and tack room and may join regularly scheduled trail rides for no additional charge.

This is not a boarding agreement, but a general schedule of fees and services.

Rates and services are subject to change at any time.

Here is the list of services which we can provide at your request. Fees vary depending on the

type of and frequency of the service provided and can change at any time.





daily medicine   


 per day  




  plus cost of med

Temporary stall   


per day extra + shavings  

some textDaily fly spray or

sun block  


   per month

Catching & Holding for trimming  


per horse  



Plus cost of med  



per month  

Horse Transport

to the Vet  


 Plus $25 per hour for wait time.